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What happens if you leave powdery mildew untreated?

Powdery mildew will show up on the lower leaves, and if the white powdery fungus is not treated fast it will spread to the rest of the plant. When the leaves become severely covered with powdery mildew, the plants photosynthesis will slow down...

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How do you know if you have spidermites?
Spider mite infestation can look innocent in the beginning. Some yellow leaves, a little wilting so you add some water and give it more light. But before you know it your plant is covered in webbing and you plant is dying - fast.

A single female spider mi...

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We are offering Curbside Pickup for our Local customers. Choose "Curbside Pickup" when you place your order online. Most orders are ready within 2 hours but extra processing time may be needed for large orders that require assembly.

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We strive to make organic & natural products that are safe around pets & children, & also reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

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We are a growing family business that has been creating & manufacturing pesticides, fungicides & herbicides for over 10 years.

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Rainfall, irrigation and sunlight all play a part in diseases and how to control them. It is an organic fungicide, can be used uo to harvest, and is safe around your children, pets & for the environment (when used as directed).

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COMMON WEEDS - Crabgrass, giant ragweed, dandelions, ground ivy, & clovers. ⁠

Handpicking weeds is only a momentary fix. When you pull out a weed small bits of the roots are left behind allowing them to reappear later on. The only way to remove the whole weed successfully is to be able to remov...

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6 months ago
SNS is the best all natural pesticide on the market period. Now that they offer everything in commerial sizes and prices I am all in. The SNS-209 is by far the best water in tank fill on the market for cannabis and has decreased my over all sprays by 30% if not more.
- Rich P
7 months ago
- anthony p

Our Products

Hydroponic nutrients

Just like people can’t live without a proper diet, plants need nutrients to survive. Not to mention that growers want to reap substantial yields from plants. 

However, when these plants grow hydroponically, they can’t actively absorb those nutrients by themselves. Since they can’t extract nutrients from soil like typical plants, they are completely dependent on the nutrients provided by the grower.

All plants can take in water through the roots. When it comes to nutrient uptake, they absorb the water provided by hydroponic nutrients.

Liquid fertilizer for plants

Liquid fertilizer refer to extracts of soluble powders or chemicals that have a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. They may also have wetting agents, insecticides, weed killers, and fungicides, not to mention trace elements and other supplements designed to help plants grow.

Examples of liquid fertilizer components are anhydrous liquid ammonia, ammoniates, nitrogenous fertilizers, and aqueous ammonia. Complete liquid fertilizer products from Sierra Natural Science include Perfect Mix Bloom Formula. We also offer complex fertilizers with potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen.There are various types of liquid fertilizer. These fertilizers include:

  • Anhydrous liquid ammonia
  • Nitrogenous fertilizers
  • Ammoniates
  • Urea
  • Concentrated solutions of ammonium nitrate and urea
  • Aqueous ammonia

In addition, there are complex fertilizers consisting of two or three essential plant food elements in various strategic proportions. The key elements under this category include:

  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Nitrogen

Weed killer

Weed killer is made from chemically engineered herbicides that aim to stunt the growth of and prevent the proliferation of unwanted plants in your lawn or garden. There’re naturally homogenous weed killer as well. Different weed killers are tailored to various weeds, times of year, purpose, and utility. Refer to the Sierra Natural Science catalog to learn what they’re offering and zero in on what farmers are looking for in their garden.   

Natural fungicide 

Natural Fungicide is a specialized type of deterrent used to control and mitigate the fungi that cause fungal diseases. It’s essential to determine the cause of symptoms before deciding on the use of these products.  

Natural pesticide

We offer natural pesticides such as botanical pesticides (plant-based oils) and Spider mite Control RTU. The botanical pesticides we offer are environmentally friendly. These plant-based pesticides are best suitable for indoor use but are also great for outdoor applications. They’re practical and offer low toxicity, which is less risky to the environment. Most plants use potent chemicals in defending themselves against possible invaders (insects and pathogens, for instance). Among the various plants that contain very active chemicals are:

  • Tobacco
  • Rosemary
  • Clove

Our promise to you 

We are a growing family business that has been creating and manufacturing pesticides, fungicides and herbicides for over 10 years. We strive to make quality organic and natural products that are safe around pets and children, and also reduce the environmental impact on the planet.  

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